Hannah Ureste is a trumpet player who was born in Union City, California. At the age of 11 she had the opportunity to join her middle school band program and at that moment, she knew the trumpet was meant for her. From the start her tone set her apart from everyone else and amazed those around her. In highschool Hannah was apart of California’s top marching band and orchestra. Being part of something so great opened new doors and opportunities.  After highschool she knew her love for the trumpet would be best heard at the Berklee College of Music. She studied with Lin Biviano who helped grow her lead chops and confidence. After Berklee she had many opportunities and performed with Maurice Hines, Sherri Miracle, Austin Brown, Annie Lennox, Luis Enrique, Willie Nelson and many more.

    Hannah then went to perform for Royal Caribbean Productions as their lead trumpet, which gave her the opportunity to travel all over the world. After many years of being in the cruise industry she was ready for a new chapter. With all her bags packed she moved to Los Angeles to continue her dreams. While living in Los Angeles she has recorded for movies like John Henry, and many independent films. She has performed and recorded for many artist in the Los Angeles area and has been seen in music videos and TV shows. In 2018 she discovered her talent for singing and decided it was time for her to become an independent artist. Since then she has poured her heart into 16 beautiful singles that are available on all music platforms.

    Her voice and trumpet speaks to many, therefore, Mrs.Ureste is definitely soaring to the top. Her goal is to write music that gives people all the feels and allows them to even time travel! She’s currently working on new music and is recording for other talented artist in the Los Angeles area. Make sure you check out this gorgeous talent. It’s only the beginning.